I am having so much trouble sleeping. I forgot how difficult it was for me without sleep aid. 8’) back to 6 hours or less woooo


"Hope you like horse dick ahawhawhaw" /horse laugh

Typical Neversee


frickle frackle

Big hairy Phobos and Vitalie.


Serkan is grumpy looking no matter what.


Phobos no

Vitalie no

14 hours because I love you

Colored example of a male Satul.

They tend to have lighter faces than the rest of them and light faces are attractive. they like contrast.

I THINK I’m just gonna delete my NSFW account

I don’t draw that stuff enough for it to have it’s own side blog

so just will post here

blacklist NSFW or unfollow me if you don’t wanna see that ahhh

Merciless, Salem

Parthenia and Isra!

qt Phobos at your service

also means he could keep my hot cocoa warm

Just set it between his caterpillar brows. nice and toasty 

his hair and yaoi hands make a good blankey

that and his high body temperature. he will purr you to sleep. like a giant kitten.

Yes good hairy manthing heater cuddles for you

embrace him and all his hairiness and yaoi hands

Seriously, moscato or Riesling….

I’ll suggest those to my friend and we’ll see if we like them ahaha

i hate wine what is the appeal besides offending my tastebuds

I DUNNO it’s so poopy

just makes you look fancy

I’m still gonna put kool-aid in a wine glass and pretend it’s wine

cheaper and it tastes better AND you can stain your hair with it B)